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Technology that your company wants and Phoenix Delivers


We help your technology drive your business into the future!

We introduce cutting edge technologies for you, so that you can leverage the best the industry has to offer.
We deliver the best quality and value to meet your needs and empower your business to succeed.

New Technology

New technologies are emerging all the time and it is our job to help you keep up. We work with companies who are on the bleeding edge of new tech that we can re-purpose, analyse and understand in order to make it work for you.

From the latest in voice and image recognition, to mobile tracking and even energy saving solutions, we can find the right software and hardware to fulfil your requirements.

Where we are installing a new solution, we aim to demonstrate on our development environment initially, allowing us to make hardware changes as required for each environment.
This allows you to observe the solution and to guide our development before we spend on hardware and effectively commit to your solution.

We specialise in high availability solutions that are across sites in order to defend against disasters without impacting your business or public image.
This can be done with appropriate network solutions as well as configuration of existing products and software development, so that services are always available when you need them.
Brain Controlled Arm

IT Infrastructure

You need to know that the infrastructure deployed is right for your solution as well as monitored and always in the best condition it can be.

The infrastructure we supply is designed especially to surpass your requirements and ensure it can be maintained with as much longevity as possible.
This can include disk usage, CPU performance, memory and network performance.

Although nothing lasts forever, we aim for your solutions to be as up to date at the point of go-live and to last as long as it can without need for replacement.
When the time finally arrivaes, we provide easy paths to be able to upgrade or replace infrastructure as needed, to avoid the need for a costly programme of work.

Replacing and Renewal

We believe that "big bang" replacements should be avoided at all costs, due to the significant risk introduced by this approach.
With this direction, we have gathered the very best IT tools to analyse, integrate and allow you to run your legacy and new solutions in parallel until you wish to close down your old servers.
We work with the latest in enterprise service bus technology, to be able to establish working interfaces with your current services, so that any redesign needed will not compromise your customer data, disrupt your staff or disconnect your business flows. Continuity is key.
By understanding how you use your data, we can implement the correct technology to fascilitate rapid access, processing and link data sources together for the right applications for your estate.
Our tools help the development process to trace messages across solution and ensure consistency through transformations and data dependencies.

Outsourcing and Partners

We augment our in-house expertise uniquely with the specialists in your field so that you get the benefit of our best practice and expertise as well as the very best in your industry.
The outsourcing companies we work with are enganged because of their years of expertise in IT as well as their ability to adapt and expand to your requirements.
Our care and experience managing your requirements allows us to maintain a focus on key goals and priorities with traceability and evidence from testing.
This lets us prove the latest and best technology for your deployment while preserving time and looking aftercosts.
Case Studies

Contact us to discuss your requirements in detail and discover how we can help you to achieve your goals

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