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Support and Opperations that keep your business running. Phoenix Delivers.

Support & Operations

The beating heart of your IT operations is at the centre of your business

It is essential to maintain this critical entity 24x7x365 so that your clients, staff and customers can reach their much needed services as and when you require

We offer solutions for the following key areas:

  • Service Readiness
  • Transition to Live
  • Project handovers
  • Support Documentation
  • Business continuity
  • Service Level Agreement Coverage and Tracking
  • Live Service Monitoring
  • Service Desk Integration
  • System Security
  • Backups and resilience

Each area requires appropriate information, ownership, control and management

Phoenix can help you to harness the power of visibility of every aspect of the operations beast
This includes tracking your support calls, monitoring performance of resolutions and implementing meaningful KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
We know that it is not all about having people onsite from 9 until 5, but having the appriote people available when they are needed

We pride ourselves on our ability to pro-actively resolve problems
Case Studies

Contact us to discuss your requirements in detail and discover how we can help you to achieve your goals

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