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infrastructure, you need us, because Phoenix Delivers

Phoenix Solutions Infrastructure Delivery

We deliver the best infrastructure fast!

We leverage the power of virtualisation for rapid deployment as well as physical implementation for dedicated power.
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Getting the right specification of servers for your solutions can mean the difference between an exceptional and an excruciating user experience.
There are a variety of factors that need to be considered as well as cost.

Most commonly, if you have enought disk space, memory and processor power, you will have enough power. Although, when looking at high performance computing, you also need to consider network performance and may even need to look at the motherboard and graphics processor (for floating point calculations.

All these considerations need to come together with your testing and design so that the correct performance is provided for your solution.

Very often, your needs from your web servers will differ a great deal to that from your application servers and database infrastructure. You need a company that can understand what each part of your overall solution needs to deliver as well as how they function together.
You need to be sure that you get the infrastructure you need, from web servers to application and database management solutions.

We would usually recommend virtualising all the infrastructure up to the pre-production solution. This frees up the pre-production environment for performance, user acceptance and penetration testing in order to deliver as close to production before deployment to live.

You and your partners may also appreciate an external integration environment which will aid in cooperative development of inter-dependant solutions.

We additionally deliver deployment platforms and supporting infrastructure for monitoring and operational requirements.

For clients who wish to be able to dynamically spin up duplicate environments, we suggest a virtualised solution with private IP addresses. This removes the limitations of a restricted number of environments and gives you scalability and freedom.

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